Monday, April 1, 2013

Time to move on

There comes a time to move on. It seems that this moment is drawing close for Jenn and I. Effective mid-May, 2013, we will depart from Trento, Italy to explore the frontiers of Washington. We don't know exactly what this means for us, but we know that we are to depart soon and spend part of our lives in this area.

Redmond, we are coming. For those of you remaining in Trento, you still have some time to spend with us. Stay tuned for more updates.

Important update: For those of you still reading, I thought it might be a good idea to provide you with a little more information. In the United States, there are important times of the year to tell people important information. On the other hand, there are days where it's not as good to share. For example, today is April 1, 2013. The day after Easter. It also happens to be another special day on our calendar: April Fools' Day. Said another way: there is a chance that someone fooled you today. That someone being me.

I know, shame, shame. So now to divulge the entire truth. Jenn and I are going to the Seattle/Redmond region, effective mid-May. Just not permanently. I was offered an excellent internship opportunity with Microsoft Research, working on speech translation. I will be working with a team of excellent researchers who do high quality work -- both in terms of production software and research publications. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn from them and also to (hopefully) contribute to the research success of the team and to have some fresh inspiration for my thesis!

The internship will last for twelve weeks. In other words, approximately three months. So don't worry, Trento: we'll be back in early autumn. That being said, we will still miss you during this time and we hope to spend time with all of you before we go! We still have a month and a half.

To the Americans out there (including one especially important American living in Italy), sorry for any heartbreak or shock I might have delivered. Jenn didn't like my prank idea, so she's let me know how terrible I am for tricking you.

More information will come about the internship soon.

(By the way, the map above is a special April Fools' Google Map. Who knew that there was buried treasure in Seattle?)


Andrii Degeler said...

Good luck! =)

daniela stefanescu said...

:))) I was about to say: how's that you are leaving since you did not finish the Phd? :) and then it was a way too short post so I scrolled down :)
anyway may God bless you in this new experience!

Nick Ruiz said...

Well, Daniela, at first this post was very short. But then Jenn made me elaborate earlier than I planned. Anyway, we miss you and hope to see you soon.

Andrii, thanks for the warm wishes. We still miss our time in Groningen.