Friday, June 27, 2008

Teens Like Squid

Of course the squid extravaganza could not end with my last post. Jenn and I couldn't bring ourselves to eating the rest of the squid tentacles, but needless to say, we found another outlet for the precious commodity. Youth Group.

Teens like weird stuff. Teens like gross stuff. Well, most of them do. Thanks to some collaboration with John and Kristia, we held a good sporting game of "Egg Drop Soup." The teens had to transport a cracked egg in their hands around obstacles, hand it off to another teen, and then drop the egg concoction into a bowl. The game was extra fun once the squid tentacles were incorporated. I went to hand off some tentacle egg to Mauria, only to hear her scream and drop the entire mixture.

It was tempting to try to wear the tentacles like Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean (though, I must say that he was one of the least scary villains I've ever seen. Don't get me started on Pirates 2 and 3). All in all, the "calamari" was worth the money.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Squids and Friends

Today was a rough day. Jenn and I got home from our respective jobs closer to 7:00 pm. Jenn was pretty sad and we got into a discussion about the number of friends (or lack thereof) that we have in the Lehigh Valley. We've been here for about two years now, but have only made two close friends that are around our age. We have plenty of work friends, but not too many people to hang out with.

Likewise, we've been sharing the sentiment that we've just been go-go-go, like tricked out cars on 'nos, and haven't had much time to take it easy. All work and no friends makes Nick a dull boy. So anyway, we wallowed around a bit, but then we started getting hungry. Jenn, that is. I was pretty apathetic to anything at that point, but Jenn coerced me to fill my stomach with the fleeting joy of sustenance.

After driving all around Hellertown, trying to find some alleged Machu Picchu restaurant, we gave up and decided to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant, J. J. Wong's over in Easton. Typically I like to get the General Tso's chicken, while Jenn gets her customary Sweet-n-Sour chicken; however Jenn decided to go for one of the specials of the night: Calamari. I stuck with the basics. Calamari is so good. Everytime we've had calamari, we've felt like God had touched our very souls.

Sadly, this occasion was much different. Instead of the fried calamari that we're used to, Jenn got a huge plate of squid tentacles. Bumpy, slimy squid tentacles. I managed to take 5 of the tentacles down before I had to call it was more like 2 for Jenn. Needless to say, it wasn't the most pleasant dining experience.

Alas, what do Lehigh Valley people do to meet people their age? As I call it quits for tonight, I will leave you with a picture highlighting the glorious memories of this evening.