Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An Introduction

Welcome to Nick's Domain. I used to own back in my early college years, but I began to get lazy and would forget to post updates. Now I have succumbed to the seduction of the blog and have begun the task of spending time to write on a this small place, in what might be but a glimmer of hope that someone out there will be reading this.

My name is Nick Ruiz, and I am a recent (2006) graduate of Houghton College. It has been nearly a year since I graduated, and now I find myself from my Christian college roots to the land of Bethlehem, PA. I like to tell my friends that, like a good Christian boy, I decided to go and live in Bethlehem. You should too. It's probably a bad joke in this area... you have Bethlehem, Nazareth, Emmaus, and I'm probably missing another biblical town reference somewhere. At any rate, I love the area.

Also, being a recipient of Christian higher education, I decided to marry young. =) I am happily married to the gorgeous Jennifer, another Houghton graduate. At 23 (22 at the time), it is young for our nation's current standards to be married, but I love every moment of it. I am currently working at PPL, doing software development. Perhaps I shall mix musings such as these with blocks of code that I develop, like any nerd would.

I won't deny to being a nerd, but I would consider myself an athletic one. I have run Cross Country and Track since 8th grade, which totals about 9 years of actively competing. I competed in NAIA Indoor Track and Field Nationals during my sophomore and senior years. I miss my team terribly.

Anyway, enough of an autobiography for now. I'm off!

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BLM said...

hi Nick,

this is Chris from the old emergentlv blog. We're now linked at emergent village at a new site, which is also the blog of an emerging church that gathers in Allentown/Macungie:

send me a note and we can catch up if you'd like.